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Martin Bühler

Emerging Global Markets (working titel) - Analyzing the Prerequisites of Global Markets arising in the mid/late 19th Century

The doctoral thesis aims at the identification and analysis of prerequisites for (potentially) global markets, emerging in the mid/late 19th century. Subsequently I'd like to build on the results to propose a model for emerging global markets.
The thesis draws on the prominent notion of markets as social structures by Harrison White (1981) and its recent elaborations. The thesis historicizes concepts of the "new economic sociology" and assesses their contribution to the analysis of global economic phenomena. The dissertation addresses three desiderata noted by scholars from the "new economic sociology": Firstly, it makes use of the vast historical/historiographical material on global trade and markets that has been largely neglected by sociologists; secondly, it challenges the concept of a "global market" and attempts to frame it as a social phenomenon emerging from mutual observation and comparison in the late 19th century; thirdly, it tries a contribution to the interaction of the "new economic sociology" with more general conceptual frameworks in social theory, particularly with the systems-theoretical concept of "world-society" which analyzes the emergence of a global societal system as an outcome of a functionally differentiated form of society in early modern Europe.
The transformation of the century-old global commodity-trade serves as empirical foundation for both the inductive refinement of the hypotheses and as a testing ground for deductively derived assumptions.
Regarding methodology, the research will be based on secondary analyses of (global-) historical studies and economic/business history as well as selected primary sources.

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