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Rainald Mante

Complex Global Microstructures: Transnational Social Movements, Interaction and Collective Identity

Globalization should not exclusively be analyzed as a macro-level process: In certain areas, there are also micro-level structures, constituting patterns of global relatedness called global microstructures. They connect distant areas interactively and via electronic media interaction-like. One question which remains unexplored is that of the maintenance of global microstructures. As social movements have become increasingly transnational in recent years, they are an interesting case for analyzing global microstructures. Of particular interest is the formation of collective identity. This identity is formed e.g. during the annual World Social Forum (WSF), the main gathering of social movements worldwide. In the following, I propose a research agenda exploring collective identity within the WSF by using the concept of global ethnography. The aim is the creation of a linkage of classical ethnographic methods on the one hand, and concepts of virtual ethnography on the other hand, in order to tackle the increasing importance of electronic media concerning social movements.

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