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Ulrich von Wedelstaedt

Joint fighting and cooperative individualizing in boxing

The dissertation project deals with the reconstruction of a boxing fight's interaction. At the core are the following questions: How do athletes and coaches communicate during the fight? How do they find a joint coping strategy and master the fight jointly? And, how do they make the actions attributable to the individual boxer? By applying video based interaction analysis, it can be shown that there is indeed a nearly complete dyadic melting of the bodies. The boxing coaches provide perception and expertise through uttering instructions. These are so closely aligned to the temporal and spatial order of the fight that the boxers' capabilities expand.

The project aims at the detailed reconstruction of the relationship between boxer and coach. For an adequate reconstruction it is vital to not limit the data or analysis to verbal exchanges. Instead the whole proxemics is taken into the picture, through to breathing or other aspects that are mostly considered to be only a facile part of social exchange.

The data for the video analysis originates from multiple field observations with professional boxing coaches and athletes. The ethnographic data produced during these observations is also part of the project's data.

Publications (selection)

2013: Skopische Sozialität: Sichtbarkeitsregime und visuelle Praktiken im Boxen. In: Soziale Welt 64 (Special Issue "Visuelle Soziologie", ed. by Alejandro Baer & Bernd Schnettler): 69-95 (with Christian Meyer).

2015: Teamsubjekte: Rituelle Körpertechniken und Formen der Vergemeinschaftung im Spitzensport. In: Robert Gugutzer & Michael Staack (eds.): Rituale und Körper. Sozial- und kulturwissenschaftliche Zugänge und Analysen. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 97-124. (with Christian Meyer).

2016 (Ed.): Moving Bodies in Interaction ? Interacting Bodies in Motion. Intercorporeal and Interkinesthetic Enaction in Sports. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing (with Christian Meyer).

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