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Bielefeld Graduate School
in History and Sociology
Logo der Einrichtung
Logo der Einrichtung

Welcome to the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS)

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The BGHS offers excellent doctoral training at Bielefeld University. [more]
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The BGHS links its members with one another, as well with researchers from all over the world. [more]
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The BGHS programme attaches great importance to interdisciplinary and international cooperation. [more]
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 Advice & Service
The BGHS Office answers all your questions about the doctoral programme at the BGHS. [more]
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The BGHS promotes international exchange and offers help with the time before and after graduation. [more]
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The publications of the BGHS members give you an idea of the wide range of their research interests. [more]
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 Public Science
The BGHS presents its research to the public at large. [more]
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