Special interest representatives

The Graduate School places great value on the personal initiative of all its (post)doctoral researchers. That is why representatives are elected from their ranks. BGHS doctoral researchers are represented by one student each from the history and sociology departments. Two Social and Cultural Affairs representatives and international doctoral researcher representatives are also elected. The term of office is one year.

Doctoral Programme

The Doctoral Programme Representatives are the primary contact persons for all doctoral researchers. They represent the interests of the doctoral researchers, attend the meetings of the executive committee, participate in the selection procedure of BGHS scholarships and mediate in cases of conflict.

Ramy Youssef (Sociology)
Jana Hoffmann (History)

International Doctoral Researchers

International Doctoral Representatives are contact persons for international doctoral researchers and visiting fellows. Their function is to help international students integrate into BGHS and university live in Bielefeld.

Oleksandra Tarkhanova (Sociology)
Christian Vogel (History)

Social and Cultural Affairs

Social and cultural Representatives are contact persons for social meetings and cultural events. Their function is to make BGHS members make friends and to explore the cultural enviroment of Bielefeld.

Lili Zhu (History)
Katharina Hoß (History)

Guidelines of Representation

Guidelines of Representation (pdf)



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