Visiting Fellows

Each summer semester, two to four doctoral researchers from abroad conduct their research in Bielefeld as guests of the Graduate School. As Visiting-Fellows at the BGHS they have time to work on their dissertation projects, discuss them with doctoral researchers and professors at Bielefeld University and have the chance to create new networks(more information and application).

Visiting Fellows Summer Term 2015

Diender, Simone Brandeis University, Waltham/Massachusetts
The Private Citizen: Expert Power and the Obligations of Work, Prayer, and Parenthood, 1923-1970
Gencturk, Ahmet Panteion University, Athens
Agents of Westernization or Provocateurs from the West? : ABCFM Works among the Greeks and Armenians of Ottoman Empire in the 19th Century
Hämäläinen, Saara European University Institute, Florence
The Role of Social Policy in Poverty Reduction. A Comparative Study on Changes in Family Structures and Dynamics of Poverty

Visiting Fellows Summer Term 2014

Krause, Scott University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
Morgan, Stephen University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
Öktem, Kerem Universität Ankara, Turkey

Winter Term 2013/14

Doll, Agnieszka University of Victoria, Canada
Pedersen, Sune Lund University, Sweden

Summer Term 2013

Cserpes, Tünde University of Illinois, Chicago, USA
Roedern, Gabriele von University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA

Winter Term 2012/13

Gümrükcü, Selin Bengi Izmir University of Economics
Anne Engelst Norgaard University of Aarhus
Christine Whyte Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Summer Term 2012

Bruehoefener, Friederike University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
McGeever, Brendan University of Glasgow, Großbritannien
Preusse, Christian Oriel College, Oxford, Großbritannien

Winter Term 2011/12

Williams, Dellvin Binghamton University, State University of New York,USA

Summer Term 2011

Redkova, Irina Lomonosov University, Moscow, Russisa

Winter Term 2010/11

Childress, Clayton University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Cucchi, Laura Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentinia
Jones, Mark European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Summer Term 2010

Buhari, Didem University of London, UK
Finch, Rory University College Cork, Ireland
Kumar, Ashok Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbay, India

Winter Term 2009/11

Bietti, Lucas Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
Karmaeva, Natalia St. Petersburg University, Russia
Osipov, Alexei European University Institute, Florence, Italy



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