The BGHS research training programme is integrated in the doctoral programmes in History and Sociology and profits greatly from the curricula of both faculties. The BGHS supplements the faculties' academic programme with, among other offers:

  • services in career planning and professional orientation;
  • the Annual Seminar in History and Sociology,
  • Courses and lectures by guest scholars;
  • the Interdisciplinary Seminar and the Interdisciplinary Colloquium as well as
  • symposia, workshops and conferences organised by doctoral researchers.

The degree programme has a mandatory and an elective segment. The mandatory research classes and the theory and methods seminars are listed in the online course catalogue (ekvv).

The electives include colloquia, seminars and study groups. These are listed in the ekvv under "Optional Course Programme". Doctoral researchers also have the option of receiving credit for external achievements. More detailed information on study programme requirements are listed in the participating departments' doctoral regulations and study regulations.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the programme or individual elements thereof:



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