Research training programme

The graduate school nurtures an environment in which young researchers are given room for creative ideas, interdisciplinary exchange and innovative research in the fields of history, sociology, political science and social anthropology.

The degree programme accepts doctoral researchers, research group leaders and chosen MA students and offers in particular its doctoral researchers:

  • a curriculum that covers diverse areas of research;
  • a research training programme aimed at a time to degree of three years
  • the integration of study abroad in the degree programme;
  • individual and flexible supervision and mentoring;
  • career planning for life after receiving a doctoral degree;
  • space for personal initiative and individual interests.

Goal of the curriculum is a deep understanding of the methodological and theoretical questions that concern each doctoral researcher's topic. The programme also offers a broader academic education that goes beyond each individual's research.

The research training programme is completed by turning in a thesis (dissertation) and an oral defense of the same (disputation) at the Faculty of Sociology or the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology. After successful completion of the doctoral programme, doctoral researchers carry the university degree Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.). More information on the doctoral examination process can be found here.



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