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Department of Chemical Ecology

Prof. Dr. Caroline Müller

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Chemical ecology deals with biological and chemical investigations of natural products that are involved in the communication between individuals within one or different species and which influence ecological interactions. In our group we explore the role of natural products which mediate interactions between plants, herbivorous insects and their antagonists (predators, parasitoids) as well as interactions between mutualistic partners such as fungi. We focus on the isolation and identification of such compounds and the elucidation of their functions in an ecological, behavioural, genetic, population-biological and evolutionary context.


Group Seminars

Guests are welcome at any time!


Our group seminars take place on Thursday, 5.00 - 7.00 pm in room V2- 145


Dr. Rabea Schweiger: Influence of humid storage conditions on the metabolite profile of Brassica napus seeds


Victoria Tomczak: Impact of arbuscular mycorrhiza and different host plant
species on the developement and behaviour of a generalist herbivore.


Clemens Stolpe: The ecological role of heavy metal hyperaccumulation in
Arabidopsis halleri on a phloem sucking aphid


Dr. Elisabeth Eilers: Effects of source area and competitive environment on seed trait expression and phenolics in Erodium cicutarium.


Dr.Thorben Müller: Coping with environmental change in P. cochleariae? Project description and perspectives


Dr.Karin Schrieber: Effects of inbreeding on plant responses to biotic and abiotic environmental stress


Lisa-Johanna Tewes: Population differences in defence growth and reproduction of a range-expanding plant in a common garden


Svenja Geisler: Glucosinotate metabolism of two chrysomelid species
differing in their degree of diet specialisation over ontogeny from larvae to adults.


Ruth Jakobs: Inter- & intraindividual differences in plant quality and their effect on aphid population dynamics


Jana Stallmann: Impact of continuous and pulsed drought stress on wheat and two aphid species


Final thesis