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Department of Chemical Ecology

Prof. Dr. Caroline Müller

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Chemical ecology deals with biological and chemical investigations of natural products that are involved in the communication between individuals within one or different species and which influence ecological interactions. In our group we explore the role of natural products which mediate interactions between plants, herbivorous insects and their antagonists (predators, parasitoids) as well as interactions between mutualistic partners such as fungi. We focus on the isolation and identification of such compounds and the elucidation of their functions in an ecological, behavioural, genetic, population-biological and evolutionary context.


Our Group Seminars

Guests are welcome at any time!


Thursday, April 14   V2-145 / 5:15 pm

Anna Maria Heise: Effects of the wildtype and a mutant of Sinorhizobium meliloti on Medicago truncatula

Friday, May 13   V2-145 / 1:15 pm

Dr. Rabea Schweiger: Influence of humid storage on the primary metabolome of  Brassica napus seeds

Thursday, May 19   V2-145 / 5:15 pm

Dr. Elisabeth Eilers: Trade-off between chemical defence and pollinator attraction in weedy plants

Wednesday, May 25   V2-145 / 5:15 pm

Thorben Müller: Host plant effects on the behavoiur of a leaf beetle

Thursday, June 2   V2-145 / 5:15 pm

Prof. Roland Langrock: Hidden Markov models as versatile devices for analyzing ecological time series

Thursday,  June 9   V2-145 / 5:15 pm

Ruth Jacobs: Does the chemical diversity of Tanacetum vulgare affect its interactions with specialised aphids?

Thursday,  June 16   V2-145 / 5:15 pm

Jana Stallmann: Responses of spring wheat to continuous and intermittent drought stress

Wednesday, June 22   V2-145 / 5:15 pm

Lisa Tewes: Chemical and genetic diversity in the range-expanding
Bassicaceae Bunias orientalis

Thursday, June 30   V2-145 / 5:15 pm

Clemens Stolpe: Analysis of glucosinolate composition and heavy metal concentration in the phloem exudate of Arabidopsis halleri

Thursday, July 21   V2-145 / 5:15 pm

Victoria Tomczak: Influence of arbuscular mycorrhiza on the performance of a generalist aphid Myzus persicae

Thursday, July 28   V2-145 / 5:15 pm

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