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About the Animal Behaviour Section


The Animal Behaviour Section comprises scientists from varies fields of the behavioural sciences: from behavioural ecology, endocrinology and genetics over neuro-ethology, chronobiology, bio-acoustics and communication up to conservation biology and human-ethology.

Within the section, we inform each other about the latest news, offer advice to the DZG executive board, participate in the organisation of the yearly DFG meeting, organise workshops and graduate meetings and much more. The Animal Behaviour Section cooperates closely with the Ethologischen Gesellschaft

Everyone being interested can join the section. It would however be good to also become a member of the DZG. If you are interested in joining us, just send an email with your address to one of the section speakers.



1 PhD position at the Department of Animal Behaviour, Bielefeld University

Short-term and long-term consequences of avian malaria-like infection in raptors

The aim of the PhD project is to explore physiological causes and consequences of a very common blood parasite infection in a common buzzard population (Leucocytozoon in Buteo buteo). The student will conduct medication experiments in the field, produce transcriptomic data and analyse it in combination with fitness correlates. The long-term fitness consequences for buzzards will be monitored using lifelong wing-tags, and survival and recruitment data will be collected. So far, over 2500 individual buzzards have already been fitted with lifelong wing tags and the resulting data set will be used.

Application deadline: 31.7.2018




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