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Current series of talks in the Evolution Seminar

Monday, 16:15, VHF 211. Visitors are welcome!
13.04.2015 Dennis Riemann - Bielefeld
How does simulated predation risk affect strategic sperm allocation in the lesser wax moth Achroia grisella?


Sara Bellinvia - Bielefeld
Does the predictability of escape behaviour vary among grasshopper individuals?


Krisztina Petróczki - Debrecen (H)
Anthropogenic noise effects on acoustic behaviour of Oecanthus pellucens and Gryllus campestris


Alexandra Kassis - Bielefeld/Tours (F)
Extended copulations as pre-copulatory mate guarding in the lesser wax moth Achroia grisella: effects of male-male competition and female quality
11.05.2015 Joachim Wistuba - Münster
The evolution of testicular function
18.05.2015 No seminar
01.06.2015 No seminar
08.06.2015 Anja Günther - Bielefeld
Seasonally distinct life history patterns in the cavy: mechanisms and functions
15.06.2015 Sophie Armitage - Münster
Ecological immunology: An individual and a social perspective
22.06.2015 Athina Giannakara - Bielefeld
Effects of sperm competition on the duration of spermatogenesis as in the hermaphroditic flatworm Macrostomum lignano
29.06.2015 Vera Brust - Osnabrück
Morphology ? function relationships of avian spermatozoa
06.07.2015 Anasuya Chakrabarty - Bielefeld
Additive genetic covariance structure of morphological and song traits in Acridid grasshoppers
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