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Current series of talks in the Evolution Seminar

Tuesdays, 18:15 (in April), 16:15 (May-July), VHF 211. Visitors are welcome!
(18:15 !)
Dennis Lücking,
The influence of single workers on the collective behaviour of colonies of Camponotus floridanus

(18:15 !)

Christiane Stahr,
Halle (Saale)
Pheromonal control of reproduction in three Schistocerca species with different swarming behaviour

(18:15 !)

Ignacio Hermosell,
Radioactivity and sperm competition in passerine birds: the case of Chernobyl

(18:15 !)

Evolution Paper Club Paper will be announced one week in advance
06.05.2014 N.N. To be announced
13.05.2014 Michael Weber & Bahar Patlar, Bielefeld Outline of PhD projects on seminal fluid function and evolution
20.05.2014 Gerlind Lehmann, Berlin
Reproductive systems of the bushcricket genus Poecilimon
27.05.2014 Holger Schielzeth, Bielefeld
Widespread colour polymorphism in grasshoppers
03.06.2014 Evolution Paper Club
Paper will be announced one week in advance
10.06.2014 Luke Eberhart-Phillips, Bielefeld Contrasting population structures and genetic diversities among three sympatric birds in Madagascar
17.06.2014 Bahar Patlar,
The longer is the better: the role of testis and sperm size on sperm competition in animals
24.06.2014 Daniel Becker & Marten Linder, Bielefeld
Strategische Spermienallokation bei Wachsmotten Achroia & Molecular evolution of Drosophila spermatogenesis genes
01.07.2014 Paula Stockley, Liverpool
Female competition in mammals
Evolution Journal Club Paper will be announced one week in advance