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Current series of talks in the Evolution Seminar

Monday, 16:15, VHF 211. Visitors are welcome!
13.10.2014 Various speakers,
News & Views from the Conference Season (ISBE, EMPSEB, DZG, DO-G)


Lucienne Eweleit,
Speciation in progress: a case study on the bushcricket Poecilimon veluchianus


Journal Club
Crean,A.J., Kopps, A.M., Bonduriansky. R.,(2014). Revisiting telegony: offspring inherit an acquired characteristic of their mother’s previous mate (Ecology Letters)


Athina Giannakara,
Changes in the speed and onset of spermatogenesis as a response to different levels of sperm competition in the hermaphroditic flatworm Macrostomum lignano
10.11.2014 Journal Club
Chapter 3 of the book, Quantitative Genetics in the Wild : Quantitative genetic approaches to understanding sexual selection and mating system evolution in the wild (Jane M. Reid)
17.11.2014 Yumi Nakadera, Amsterdam Reproductive strategies in the simultaneously hermaphroditic snail Lymnaea stagnalis
24.11.2014 Alexandre Courtiol, Berlin
From human mate choice to sexual selection in animals
01.12.2014 Alicia Jarrige, Tours
How sperm competition risk affects sperm allocation and spermiogenesis in the lesser wax moth Achroia grisella
08.12.2014 Geoff Parker, Liverpool
13th Immelmann-Lecture in UHG-H6 18.00: Sperm competition, the sexual cascade, and evolution
15.12.2014 Pablo Valverde, Bielefeld
What triggers colour change? Background colour and temperature effects on the development of an Alpine Grasshopper
12.01.2015 Luisa Beckmann & Julia Teckentrup, Bielefeld
Spatial heterogeneity in the colour polymorphism of Gomphocerus sibiricus
26.01.2015 Dennis Riemann
How does simulated predation risk affect strategic sperm allocation in the lesser wax moth? Proposal Bachelorarbeit
Shaghayegh Soudi, Bielefeld The accumulation of reproductive barriers during speciation: pre- and post-mating isolation barriers between host races of the beetle Lochmaea capreae
09.02.2015 Michael Haneke-Reinders, Bielefeld
No evidence for precopulatory inbreeding avoidance in Gomphocerus rufus