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Our main research methods are:

Behavioural physiology: Motion capture and analysis of natural, unrestrained behaviour

Electrophysiology: Intra- and extracellular recordings of nerves, muscles and individual neurons

Neurobionics: Modelling of bio-inspired control algorithms in both software and hardware, linking artificial neural networks and biorobotics

Topics of Research 

We have three major topics of research:


Projects, current research activity 

Some of the current postdoctoral and graduate research projects are

  • Size- and modality-invariant tactile pattern recognition. (Mujagic)
  • Identification of invariant control elements in different species, developmental stages and behavioural tasks.
  • ...other projects in behavioural physiology
  • Leg coordination during forward and backward walking (Düsterhus)
  • ...other projects in neurophysiology
  • Active tactile sensors for object localisation and material classification (Hellbach)
  • ...other projects in neurobionics


Cooperations of the Department 

We maintain a number of national and international cooperations.