Members of Department


Dept. of  Experimental and Systems Ecology

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Beyschlag, Room W4-105; Tel.: 0521/1065573; E-Mail

Secretary's Office

Angelika Mühlbrandt, Room W4-107; Tel.: 0521/1066904; E-Mail


Scientific Staff

M. Sc. Maren Dubbert, Room W4-201; Tel.: 0521/1065738, E-Mail

M. Sc. Frederik Wegener, Room W4-114; Tel.: 0521/1065572, E-Mail

M. Sc. Katie Grieve, Room W4-114; Tel.: 0521/1065572, E-Mail

M. Sc. Katrin  Brewitt, Room W4-201; Tel.: 0521/1065738, E-Mail

Diplombiologe Ingo Höpfner, Room W4-201, Tel.: 0521/1065738, E-Mail

Diplombiologin  Vanessa Stahl, Room W4-114; Tel.: 0521/1065572, E-Mail

Dr. Christian  Platner, Room W4-104; Tel.: 0521/1065562, E-Mail

Dr. Thomas Steinlein, Room W4-108; Tel.: 0521/1065563, E-Mail

Dr.  Stephan UngerRoom W4-114; Tel.: 0521/1065572, E-Mail

Juniorprof. Dr. Christiane Werner Pinto , Room W4-111; Tel: 0521/1065574, E-Mail

Technical Staff

Elke Furlkröger, Room, W4-242; Tel.: 0521/1065726, E-Mail

Barbara Teichner, Room: W4-240 ; Tel.: 0521/1065726, E-Mail


Former Group Members

Dr. Hubert Herz, now: Lehrstuhl für Verhaltensphysiologie und Soziobiologie (Zoologie II), Biozentrum, University of Würzburg (home)

Dr. Marcel  Austenfeld, now: e-Learning Koordinator, University of Kiel (home)

Dr.  Alexandra Weigelt, now : Institute of Ecology, University of Jena  (home)

Diplombiologe Maik  Bartelheimer, E-Mail

Diplombiologin Silke Friedrich,E-Mail

Dr. Rainer Wirth, now: Abteilung Botanik, Universität Kaiserslautern (home)

Dr.  Anke  Jentsch, now: UFZ - Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig, Dept. of Conservation Biology and Natural Resources and Department of Ecological Modelling (home)

Prof. Dr.  Ron  Ryel, now: Department of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Sciences, College of Natural Resources, Utah State University  (home)