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Welcome to the Department of Animal Ecology


Postal address

Bielefeld University
Animal Ecology
Konsequenz 45
33615 Bielefeld

Tel. +49/ (0)521 / 106 2700
Fax. +49/ (0)521 / 1062998


Recent publications

A. Hägerbäumer, S. Höss, K. Ristau, E. Claus, C. Möhlenkamp, P. Heininger & W. Traunspurger (2016). A comparative approach using ecotoxicological methods from single-species bioassays to model ecosystems. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (in press)

Zotz, G. & Traunspurger, W. (2016): What's in the tank? Nematodes and other major components of the meiofauna of bromeliad phytotelms in lowland Panama.BMC Ecology 16: 9.