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Luana C. Monteiro

Luana Monteiro  
Email: luamonteiro@hotmail.com



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Monteiro, L. C., Van Butsel, J., De Meester, N., Traunspurger, W., Derycke, S., & Moens, T. (2017). Differential heavy-metal sensitivity in two cryptic species of the marine nematode Litoditis marina as revealed by developmental and behavioural assays. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology.

Monteiro, L., Traunspurger, W., Roeleveld, K., Lynen, F., & Moens, T. (2018). Direct toxicity of the water-soluble fractions of a crude and a diesel-motor oil on the survival of free-living nematodes. Ecological Indicators , 93 , 13-23.