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Chemical Signalling


Dr. Barbara Caspers

Research interests

Chemical signalling and olfactory communication in vertebrates
Reproductive strategies
Sexual selection

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Research projects

Function and mechanism of olfactory kin recognition in an avian model system
Junior Research Group



Avian Olfaction Project
funded by the Volkswagen Foundation



Chemcial signalling in Greater sac-winged bats link

Chemical signalling in Antarctic Fur Seals (in cooperation with Joe Hoffman)

Mating strategies in Fire Salamanders link


Student jobs

At the moment we are running or planning various projects in which you can get involved as a bachelor student or master student.  If you are interested please contact me by e-mail

Curriculum Vitae

October 2015 - March 2016 Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin

since 07/2014  Group Leader Function and mechanism of olfactory kin recognition in an avian model system

2014 Freigeist Fellow of the VolkswagenFoundation

08/12-06/14 Postdoc with Oliver Krüger, Bielefeld University

2012 Niko Tinbergen Award of the Ethologische Gesellschaft

07/09 - 07/12 Postdoc with Sebastian Steinfartz, Bielefeld University, Mechanisms of adaptive speciation in fire salamanders

05/09 Birth of my son Leander

02/08 - 02/09 Research assistant with Sebastian Steinfartz

01/06 - 11/06 Grant of the „Berliner Chancengleichheitsprogramm“ Humboldt Universität Berlin

04/06 Birth of my daughter Dana

09/02 – 12/07 Ph.D. -student at the Leibniz-Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, IZW (Berlin), incl. Childcare

10/97 - 12/01 University Bielefeld

04/95 - 09/97 Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz

06/94 Abitur at the Einstein Gymnasium Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Title of Ph.D. Thesis:

Olfactory communication in the greater sac-winged bat, Saccopteryx bilineata

Title of Diploma Thesis:

Sexuelle Prägung auf ein evolutiv neues Schmuckmerkmal beim Zebrafinken, Taenopygia guttata (Universität Bielefeld; Betreuerin: Prof. Dr. Klaudia Witte)





Dr. Barbara Caspers

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