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A: Niche choice

A01 Fitness consequences of niche choice and conformance in a colonially breeding marine mammal: roles of the social environment, genetic quality and offspring behaviour Joseph Hoffman Molecular Ecology Bielefeld
A02 Optimistic and pessimistic decision-making under ambiguity: causes and consequences for niche choice and niche conformance Helene Richter & Norbert Sachser Behavioural Biology Münster
A03 Behavioural niche choice: personality differences and unpredictability in escape behaviour Holger Schielzeth Population Ecology Jena
A04 Life history implications of the mother's choice for a larval habitat: Niche choice and niche conformance in the Fire Salamander Salamandra salamandra Barbara Caspers Olfactory Communication Bielefeld

B: Niche conformance

B01 Social niche conformance and social niche transition during adolescence and beyond: effects on biobehavioural profiles and fitness Sylvia Kaiser & Norbert Sachser Behavioural Biology Münster
B02 Niche conformance in a holometabolous invertebrate: Adjustments of behavioural, physiological and chemical phenotypes and fitness consequences Caroline Müller Chemical Ecology Bielefeld
B04 Male sexual competition as a social niche dimension: adaptive niche conformance and its proximate mechanisms in a species with male parental care Peter Korsten & Tim Schmoll Animal Behaviour & Evolutionary Biology Bielefeld
B05 Social niche-mediated reproductive phenotypes Claudia Fricke Evolution & Sexual Conflict Münster

C: Niche construction

C01 The role of niche construction and evolutionary capacitance for evolvability in the Red Flour Beetle, Tribolium castaneum Joachim Kurtz Animal Evolutionary Ecology Münster
C03 Fitness consequences of niche choice and niche construction: nest site selection and architecture, parasite load and survival in Common Buzzard Oliver Krüger Animal Behaviour Bielefeld
C04 Proximate and ultimate mechanisms of social niche choice and construction during colony founding in the ant Pogonomyrmex californicus Jürgen Gadau Molecular Evolution & Sociobiology Münster

D: Theory

D01 Function and fitness in individual niches - Conceptual and explanatory issues Ulrich Krohs Center for Philosophy of Science (ZfW) Münster
D02 The ontological status of individualised niches Marie Kaiser Philosophy Bielefeld
D03 Local population density as a key dimension of the individualised niche: An eco-evolutionary modelling approach Meike Wittmann Theoretical Biology Bielefeld
D04 Modelling the evolution of individual differences in niche choice, niche conformance, and niche construction Klaus Reinhold Evolutionary Biology Bielefeld
D05 The behavioural ecology of individualised niches in the light of meta-analyses Holger Schielzeth & Klaus Reinhold Population Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Jena & Bielefeld
D06 Statistical inference on niche choices based on behavioural time series data Roland Langrock Statistics & Data Analysis Bielefeld

Service & Management

S Technology service platforms Joseph Hoffman, Caroline Müller, Sylvia Kaiser, Norbert Sachser Animal Behaviour, Chemical Ecology, Behavioural Biology Bielefeld & Münster
Z Central management Oliver Krüger Animal Behaviour Bielefeld