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Molecular and Cell Biology

The research field Molecular and Cell Biology combines a broad spectrum of basic and applied projects with up-to-date methodology in molecular genetics and systems biology. Main focus is given to the molecular mechanisms of signal perception, signal transduction and signal integration e.g. in response to environmental stresses, upon changes in cellular redox milieu or following pathogen infection. Stimulus-driven changes and acclimation responses in animals, bacteria and plants are assessed at the level of the transcriptome, proteome and metabolome in order to understand processes such as fitness, yield, disease and cell death. The second major topic addresses processes of differentiation and development in genetic model systems. Exemplary topics are differentiation of neuronal stem cells, modulation of cytoskeleton, cell specification in Volvox and flower induction in Arabidopsis. Many projects rely on interdisciplinary cooperation such as those in the Special Research Center SFB613 dealing with “Physics of single molecule processes and molecular recognition”. Applied projects investigate systems for biofuel production and provide resources for genome-driven investigation in Arabidopsis thaliana, crop plants and biotechnologically relevant microorganisms.

Work Groups

Genetics of Prokaryotes   Volker F. Wendisch

Genome Research   Bernd Weisshaar

Proteome and Metabolome Research   Karsten Niehaus

Plant Biochemistry and Physiology   Karl-Josef Dietz

Molecular Cell Physiology   Dorothee Staiger

Cell Biology   Christian Kaltschmidt

Cellular and Developmental Biology of Plants   Armin Hallmann

Algae Biotechnology   Olaf Kruse

Dynamic Cell Imaging (Jun.-Prof.)  Thorsten Seidel

   Gentechnologie und Microbiology   Ursula Eichenlaub-Ritter
  (provisional head)