M.Sc. (neurobiology and behaviour) Uwe Mayer

(PhD student)

Hippocampal Activity During Spatial Learning

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Self introduction:

I always had a special interest in biological sciences! After finishing the education to a biological-technical assistant I decided to study Biology. Since the topics "perception", "behavior" and "brain physiology" fascinated me most, already at the beginning of my studies it was clear for me that I wanted to specialize in neurobiology. I studied Biology at the University of Bielefeld and after receiving the "Bachelor of Science" degree with a major in Neurobiology in 2006, I participated in the Master's Program "Systems Biology of Brain and Behavior". Since October 2008 I am working on my PhD project with a main focus on anatomy and function of the hippocampal formation in the zebra finch.

I decided to work in the neuroethology group because this field unites different disciplines like psychology, behavioral biology, physiology, neuroanatomy and evolution. That is it deals with neuronal function on one side and natural behavior on the other side.



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