Sea lions


Kristine Meise

Kristine Meise

PhD student
Kristine Meise
Lehrstuhl Verhaltensforschung
Morgenbreede 45
33615 Bielefeld Germany
Tel ++49-521-106-2193



Sea Lion Project
Zalophus wollebaeki males

Research interests

Male Galápagos sea lions:

-> Galápagos sea lion project page

Help us collecting data

If you want to contribute to our project and are in Galápagos, you can do so by keeping your eyes open for sea lions with coloured flipper tags. If you see one, please note the place and date where you saw it, the colour of the tag and the number printed on it. You can send the information either to, or just to any of our project's team members. If you could provide a picture of the tag would be best.

Every small bit of information is usefull and can help us understand the distribution and the movements between different colonies of the sea lions.

Since the printed number on the tags may fade away, we punch holes in them corresponding to the number.


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