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Absolventenfeier 2015 / 
Absolventenfeier 2015

Am Freitag den 4. Dezember 2015 findet die Absolventenfeier statt.

Weitere Infos zum Programm gibt es hier:
Absolventenfeier 2015...

Current work from our research groups 

Inspired by the success of cisplatin, a new class of anti-cancer drugs was designed that work by binding to the phosphates of DNA.
For molecular recognition, two metal ions are preorganized by a rigid 2,7-disubstituted 1,8-naphthalenediol backbone to the distance of two neighboring phosphates in DNA of 6 – 7 Å.
See Glaser et al., DOI 10.1021/ic5028465 and cover picture above.
This article was also covered in Chemical & Engineering News.

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