Back Cover: Synthesis and Reactivity of New Functionalized Perfluoroalkylfluorophosphates

In this chemical puzzle fluoromethyldimethylamine represents a versatile reactant for the synthesis of electron-deficient, functionalized phosphates. Thus, the oxidative addition of the reagent to (C2F5)nPF3-n (n=1-3) selectively affords zwitterionic [(C2F5)nF5-nP(CH2NMe2–CH2NMe2)] (n=1-3) in good yields. The course of the reaction involved the phosphoranide [P(C2F5)3F]-, which was evidenced independently. Treatment of [(C2F5)3F2P(CH2NMe2–CH2NMe2)] with aqueous sodium hydroxide gave rise to the formation of the phosphate Na+[(C2F5)3F2P(CH2NMe2)]-. The nucleophilic nitrogen atom in the phosphates [(C2F5)nF5-nP(CH2NMe2)]- allows the synthesis of several novel functionalized perfluoroalkylfluorophosphates. See the Full Paper by B. Hoge et al. for more details.