Frontispiece: Synthesis of Bis(pentafluoroethyl)germanes

The germanium awakens in the field of bis(pentafluoroethyl)germanes. Employing the phenyl group as a protecting group opens a straightforward synthetic route to (C2F5)2GePh2. To obtain functionalizable bis(pentafluoroethyl)germanes, the deprotection can be effected with gaseous HBr or HCl under the assistance of a Lewis acidic catalyst. The derivatization of the obtained halogenogermanes is described by the reactions with Ag2CO3 to obtain hexakis(pentafluoroethyl)trigermoxane and with Bu3SnH yielding (C2F5)2GeH2, studied by X-ray diffraction. The complete story can be found in the Full Paper by B. Hoge and colleagues.