Inside Back Cover: Pentafluoroethyl bismuth compounds

In analogy to the proverbially uplifting influence of energy drinks, electron-withdrawing substituents like perfluoroorganyl groups can also boost the performance of element compounds. For example, pentafluoroethyl groups are very useful to increase the Lewis acidity and for the stabilization of molecules with extraordinary bonding situations. Furthermore, these compounds in general exhibit a comparatively low boiling point, so that C2F5 groups even lend heavy metals, like bismuth, wings!
In their Full Paper, B. Hoge et al. report on an efficient method for the preparation of pentafluoroethyl bismuth compounds using LiC2F5 generated either by the deprotonation of HC2F5 with n-BuLi or the combination of P(C2F5)3 and n-BuLi.