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Dynamic equilibrium: Hexakis­(penta­fluoro­ethyl)­distannane Adducts 21.2.2018

Look, a hydride! Syntheses of stable salts containing the hydridophosphate anion [P(C2F5)3F2H] 13.2.2018

Para-functionalized: The Design of Tetrafluorophenylphosphanes, -phosphinic and -phosphonic Acids 13.2.2018

Volatile separations: Tris(pentafluoroethyl)stannane: Tin Hydride Chemistry with an Electron-Deficient Stannane 30.1.2018

Dr. rer. nat.: Christian successfully defended his dissertation! Congratulations! 12.1.2018

Influence of Electron Withdrawing
groups on Main Group chemistry