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Gas-free pentafluoroethylation: On Pentakis(pentafluoroethyl)stannate, [Sn(C2F5)5] 11.12.2017

Dr. rer. nat.: Markus successfully defended his dissertation! Congratulations! 18.8.2017

Acidic Stannane: The Tris(pentafluoro­ethyl)stannate(II) Anion - Synthesis and Reactivity 16.8.2017

Cover Profile: Behind the scenes of the bromo(difluoro­methylene­phosphonato)­cuprate 20.7.2017

Rocking the (VIP-)stage: Solid-State Structure of a Bromo(difluoromethylene­phosphonato)cuprate 27.6.2017

Influence of Electron Withdrawing
groups on Main Group chemistry