Physikalische Chemie III
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  • New article accepted in Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces:

    Insights into Gliadin Supramolecular Organization at Digestive pH 3.0

  • New article accepted in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics:

    Sreij, R., Dargel, C., Geisler, P., Hertle, Y., Radulescu, A., Pasini, S., Perez, J., Moleiro, L. H. & Hellweg, T.

    DMPC vesicle structure and dynamics in the presence of low amounts of the saponin aescin

  • New article accepted in Langmuir:

    Hillmann, R., Viefhues, M., Gött-Zink, L., Gilzer, D., Hellweg, T., Gölzhäuser, A., Kottke, T. & Anselmetti, D.

    Characterization of Robust and Free-Standing 2D-Nanomembranes of UV-Polymerized Diacetylene Lipids

  • New article accepted in Colloid and Polymer Science:

    Klimova, S., Sreij, R., Bratashov, D., Bookhold, J., Teichert, N., Gorobets, A. & Hellweg, T.

    Pb-Arachidate Langmuir-Blodgett Coatings of Silicon Wafers: Relation Between Pb-Particle Density and Subphase Composition

  • Thomas Hellweg was appointed as a new member of the ESS Science Advisory Council

  • Article published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics:

    Bergmann, S., Wrede, O., Huser, T. & Hellweg, T.

    Super-Resolution Optical Microscopy resolves Network Morphology of Smart Colloidal Microgels