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  Guillermo Blanchard
Guillermo Blanchard
PhD Student
Raum: F2-264
Telefon: 0521 106 2147

Synthesis of Modified Cryptophycins

The aim of the project is to synthesize new drug candidates based on the structure of the depsipeptide cryptophycin-1 (Figure 1) with the goal of addressing tumour cells.

Figure 1 Structure of Cryptophycine-1 and its retrosynthetic subdivision in four building blocks (units A, B, C and D)

Cryptophycins are a family of antimitotic depsipeptides with very high cytotoxicity even against multi-drug resistant (MDR) cancer cells. The first representative was isolated from cyanobacteria in 1990. Their bioactivity is based on their interaction with the protein tubulin. Cryptophycins were found to induce apoptosis due to inhibition of the microtubule dynamics. Consequently, cryptophycin analogues are considered as potential antitumour agents. Retrosynthetically, cryptophycins can be subdivided into four building blocks, namely units A - D, to be assembled in the total synthesis. Since the discovery of this compound class, numerous synthetic analogues have been designed for structure?activity relationship (SAR) studies. Also very promising are the studies of bioconjugation and prodrug design. For more information about the topic see the following review article: Norbert Sewald et al., Nat. Prod. Rep., 2013, 30, 924-940.


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