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  Matthias Wünsch
Matthias Wünsch
PhD Student
Raum: F2-246
Telefon: 0521 106 2145

Synthesis and investigation of peptidomimetics based on the sonogashira hagihara cross coupling

Peptidomimetics gain increasing interest as pharmaceutically active drugs and tools. They are compounds similar to peptides, which cannot be hydrolysed any more. In particular, the replacement of the peptide bond by a ketomethylene, hydroxymethylene, secondary amine or amino acid (figure 1) leads to hydrolytically more stable peptide analogues. Furthermore, the modification of the peptide bond can influence the backbone and thus the three dimensional structure (secondary structure) of a peptide.

Figure 1: Bioisosteric groups for the peptide bond.

In this project we plan to replace the peptide bond by a phenylethynyl moiety. The key step during the synthesis of this novel type of peptidomimetics is a Sonogashira- Hagihara cross coupling reaction. The development of a method for the synthesis of various enantiomerically pure propargylamines as building blocks for novel dipeptide analogues is a particular part of this project.

Furthermore we want to compare the conformation of foldameres consisting of peptidomimetics with the conformation of normal oligomeric peptides by using crystal structure analysis, CD spectroscopy and NMR spectroscopy.


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