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The Americas are shaped by a multitude of reciprocal dynamics which have extensive, conflictive and at times contradictory consequences for society, culture, politics and the environment. These processes are embedded within a history of interdependence and mutual observation between North and South which originates in the conquest and simultaneous "invention" of America by European colonial powers. Encounters such as political movements and conflicts like indigenous struggles along with migrant movements, the circulation of media, goods and ideologies serve as the objects of investigation with which the processes of InterAmerican entanglements can be analyzed.

The Center for InterAmerican Studies (CIAS) at Bielefeld University has challenged itself to "think the Americas different" and to explore these phenomena from both transregional as well as interdisciplinary perspectives.




Writing Workshop IAS

09.02.2016, 6-8 PM - X-E0-218


Prueba de Vida. Algunas notas sobre la poesía de Tamara Kamenszain - Prof. Dr. Deniese León (Tucumán)

10.02.2016, 4-6 PM - X-E0-220


Wissen um globale Verflechtungen: Globalgeschichte und Globales Lernen im Geschichtsunterricht - Welthaus Bielefeld/Komptenznetz Lateinamerika

12.02.2016, 2-6 PM - X-A2-103