The Key Topics Series

"Rethinking the Americas"

The forthcoming InterAmerican Key Topics Series "Rethinking the Americas" is currently being edited by the Center for InterAmerican Studies (CIAS) at Bielefeld University and will later be published by Ashgate Publishing. The publication charts the field of Inter-American studies focusing on the transnational or hemispheric dimensions of social, cultural and political dynamics in the Americas in history and contemporary times. Inter-American studies can be conceived as a trend setter for the recent paradigm shift in area studies embracing a transnational epistemology and a focus on the dynamics of entanglement. The ever-increasing and multi-layered processes of integration and transnationalization in the Americas entail the desire for a standard reference book for both scholars and students capturing the terminological and methodological rethinking of (trans)area studies in the current era of globalization. The project generates and systematizes knowledge about the Americas by using a collection of key topics discussed critically through an interrelated and meta-reflexive lens. Cultural and Postcolonial Studies form a common, interdisciplinary foundation for the publication which is divided into five thematic volumes. Each volume will be edited by an international and interdisciplinary team of scholars:

  • Vol. I: "Rethinking the Americas: Key Topics on History and Societies: (16th - 19th Century)" edited by Josef Raab (Duisburg-Essen), Stefan Rinke (FU Berlin) and Alice Nash (University of Massachusetts, Amherst),
  • Vol. II: "Rethinking the Americas: Key Topics on History and Societies: (20th - 21th Century)" edited by Olaf Kaltmeier (Bielefeld), Michael Foley (Groningen) and Mario Rufer (UAM-X, Mexico),
  • Vol. III: "Rethinking the Americas: Key Topics in Political Economy and Governance" edited by Anne Tittor (Bielefeld), Bernhard Leubolt (Wien) and Daniel Hawkins (Bogotá),
  • Vol. IV: "Rethinking the Americas: Key Topics in Literature and Music" edited by Wilfried Raussert (Bielefeld), Giselle Anatol (Kansas, USA) and Joachim Michael (Bielefeld,)
  • Vol. V: "Rethinking the Americas: Key Topics in Media and Visual Cultures" edited by Sebastian Thies (Tübingen), Sarah Corona Berkin (Guadalajara-Mexico) and José Carlos Lozano (Lorado, USA).

The Key Topics Series seeks to provide a better understanding of the key topics needed to explore the hemispheric space of entanglements in the Americas as a new perspective in area studies. As a standard reference book, the proposed dictionary's focus on dynamics of entanglements in the Americas puts emphasis on the mutual construction of meaning and concepts. It stresses the dimension of "inter" as a discursive zone to capture the dynamics, negotiations and power relations of knowledge production from diverse loci of enunciation.

For further information on the project, please contact Prof. Dr. Olaf Kaltmeier.

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