Data Science Day

Data Science happens every day.
And it happens all throughout Bielefeld University.

To demonstrate that the Bielefeld Center for Data Science (BiCDaS) has asked researchers, scholars and data workers throughout the university to show how and where they work with data. Each and every day.

The result is a stunningly diverse exhibition which can be visited in the university hall,May 23rd from 10 a.m. to 3p.m. There will be the opportunity to find out about data work on different parts of the data life cycle. From data recording, data preparation, over the actual analysis to the issues of storage, curating and data publication. In many cases even hands-on!

True to the motto "data first", the Data Science Day will be as interdisciplinary as BiCDaS. Reasearches and scholars from all over the university as well as data workers from central institutions like the university library and BITS will be available to the visitors for questions and discussion.

Scientific fields and topics which will be addressed are astronomy, biotechnology, psychology, physics, mathematics, eletronics, informatics, digital Humanities, machine learning, advanced statistics, high-performance computing (HPC), research data management (RDM), data science education, data presentations (data visualisation and beyond) and many more.

The Data Science Day at Bielefeld University. Come, see and discover!


Data at Bielefeld University,
as diverse as the University itself.