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Deadline call for paper for submissions to the pre-conference: 1st of October 2014

Online submission of papers for the main conference has been closed on 1st of June 2014!

Online registration here! Extended to 1st of November, 2014

Detailed conference programme now available here!


Celebrating 40 years of school-development at the Bielefeld experimental schools „Laborschule“ and „Oberstufenkolleg“

Welcome to EARLI SIG 23


The Governance of School Development in Relation to Accountability and Evaluation Systems

First bi-annual Conference of the Special Interest Group: Educational Evaluation, Accountability and School Improvement (SIG 23) of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)

10-12 November 2014 (Bielefeld/Germany)



Almost all countries in Europe arrange for external evaluation and accountability of their schools and/or teachers in order to improve the quality of education. Therefore, this conference aims to discuss theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence addressing the key issues and challenges of the “Governance of School Development” and the interplay between evaluation, accountability and school improvement. The conference will also mark the 40th anniversary of the Bielefeld experimental schools “Laborschule” and “Oberstufenkolleg”.

The conference is relevant for education researchers, methodologists and practitioners with an interest in educational evaluation, accountability and school improvement.


Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Jaap Scheerens, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Herbert Altrichter, University of Linz, Austria
Prof. Dr. Rick Mintrop, Berkeley University, USA
Dr. Janna Teltemann, , University of Bremen, Germany
Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter, University of Bremen, Germany
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Böttcher, University of Münster, Germany (Pre-Conference)