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Projects within the framework of "Towards a new culture of studying and teaching" are coordinated by the staff of Lehren & Lernen [Teaching and learning].

Learning from others through international cooperation

At Bielefeld University we collaborate with international experts in order to advance our new culture of teaching and studying.

Learning about and discussing successful ideas from other contexts is also a common element of concept development in higher education. For us, direct contacts, close cooperation, and a joint evaluation of procedures with colleagues from universities in other countries are incomparably more effective than merely reading about teaching abroad. Higher education experts from the United States or other European countries have a different perspective on our university culture. Their feedback and ideas are a source of inspiration for teaching and learning at Bielefeld University.

Our cooperation partners have been invited after careful research. In their contexts, they are all working on practical and effective approaches towards promoting an improved culture of teaching, learning, and studying. They possess the necessary experience and expertise to support Bielefeld University in implementing our new projects.

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