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ZugvögelBirds of passage are the original creatures of globalisation. As we know from many folk tales, they have seeded the whole world with the same stories and legends.

Since migrating birds didn't participate in the building and fall of the tower of Babel, they have never had to deal with the problematic aftermath of being multilingual. However, on the flip side, they also don't have the pleasure of discovery that comes with BEING multilingual!

Bielefeld University and the AStA of the University encourage all students to dive into the pleasure of discovery and get fit for life in an ever increasing internationally connected world by working on their multilingual skills.

The goal:
Every student, male and female, develop the ability to professionally and confidently cope with working and collaborating in one's own specialized field in a foreign language.

To get closer to this ideal, the language centre offers it's resources, so that our students and faculty can catch flight and one day, like our winged inspiration, we too can carry with us a portmanteau packed with our own exciting and curious stories full of wisdom to the ends of the earth and back.

The range of languages that are offered by the FSZ are directed towards all students of all faculties as well as all employees of Bielefeld University. Bachelor and Master students can also acquire performance points towards their secondary field of study in our language courses.

Come visit us and the Lanuage Lounge in the C01 wing of the University at C01-244.

The FSZ is under the leadership and direction of Dr. Susanne Hecht.


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