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Information on the Placement Test

If you have previously studied

  • English
  • French
  • Italian (optional)
  • and Spanish

and have knowledge of any of these languages, you need to take a placement test to establish your skill level and help you find the right course for you.

  • What does the placement test look like?  show
  • When are the next test dates?  show
  • May I sign up for a course if my C-test result is too high for that course? show
  • Can I skip the C-test if I have an Official Language Certificate?  show
  • Can the FSZ C-Test be used for acceptance into the Anglistic study program? anzeigen

If you want more practical information on the C-Test, please view or download the FSZ C-test survival guide in English | Deutsch

Wondering what points are needed for different levels and courses:
C-test Point Table for All Languages

Additionally, You can try the Demo-Version to get a feel for the test.

Or have a look at this English text from Uni-Munster


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