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Moodle Training

Welcome to the Moodle Revolution!

Using Moodle in a language course can have a dramatic impact on the experience of both the students and the teacher. It can improve the level of instruction the students receive and free the teacher for more connected and learning centered activities involving contact with the students. However, as easy as it is for the students to use the learning platform, Moodle can often seem difficult from the teachers perspective, especially upon first glance. Nevertheless, this should not prevent anyone from trying to use Moodle in their classes. For this purpose, the FSZ offers two types of trainings to help teachers get started and have the best Moodle experience possible. We have both a general introduction for beginners and a series of short topical trainings called Moodle Skills Workshops.

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  • Moodle Skills Workshops anzeigen
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To register for the training, please fill out the following registration form located:


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