Baby Care Rooms and Quiet Rooms

The following rooms in Building X in the Main Building of the University (UHG) have been set up especially for nursing and expecting mothers as well as fathers caring for their babies. They are freely accessible and lockable from the inside.

Baby-Changing and Nursing Room/ Rest Room
D4 - 111

Baby-Changing and Nursing Room
D0 - 130
U3 - 154
X-F1-219 (library)

C1 - 127 (library)

Baby-Changing Room
C1 - 130/132 (library)
T0 - 157
T0 - 151
Q1 - 169
Z0 - 201
Z1 - 201
Z2 - 201
Z3 - 201

Nursing Room/ Rest Room
Z1 - 120


To be on the safe side, let a reliable person know that you are leaving before you go to lie down in a quiet room. If you work at Bielefeld University, please arrange things so that a colleague is assigned responsibility for checking to see where you are at the end of your work shift and that you are well.


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Beraterin Dual Career Service:
Julia Berges

Raum L4-118
Tel.: (0521) 106 67819