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The objective of this interdisciplinary conference is both to clarify the theoretical concept of locality and to contrast it with case studies tracing reciprocal dependencies between the local and transnational entanglements within the globalization process. The main questions at the conference will explore whether it is possible to ascertain modalities of entanglement between local and transnational/globalizing processes and whether a systematization of modalities would be a prospective undertaking.

To make our main questions on the concept of locality and on the systematization of different modalities of entanglements manageable, we shall take three interrelated steps: First, we shall compare the current state of discussion on the concept of locality in postcolonial/cultural studies, in anthropology, and in the academic field of history. Second, we shall confront these concepts with case studies and ask whether the respective concepts have been helpful for our analyses or whether they need to be revised in light of the empirical outcomes. Different examples of local and transnational/global interconnections will be compared in order to gain insight into the individual specifics of relations between local and transnational/global trends. Third, by discussing different concepts of locality and transnational processes we want to reflect on whether the discussion is also influenced by the different perspectives concerning different world regions, and thus maybe by a special kind of locality itself. In a concluding discussion, we shall ask whether a systematization of different modalities of entanglements between the local and transnational/global processes offers a promising challenge for future research.

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