Research Colloquium InterAmerican Studies

Summer semester 2019

Prof. Dr. Joachim Michael, Prof. Dr. Wilfried Raussert, Jprof.Dr. Eleonora Rohland, Prof. Dr. Julia Roth

Tuesdays 6-8 pm, Room: Main Hall U2-210


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Date Speaker Title


Gilda Eguizel Morales Ramirez

(Bielefeld University)

Cuando los padres y madres migran: perspectivas de niñas y niños de un pueblo guatemalteco


Klaus Gestwa
(University Tübingen)
Opening Faculty Colloquium


Yolanda Campos
El festival de Avánduro, la memoria de una generación como una expresión cultural


Students InterAmerican Studies Writing Workshop (Double Session, 6- 10 pm)
30.04.19 Clara Ruvituso
(Institute for Latin American Studies)
Del Sur al Norte: La teoría social latinoamericana en Alemania Occidental (1969-1989)
07.05.19 Rocío Zamora Sauma
(Institute for Latin American Studies)
Cuerpos y Archivos en el espacio de la corte. El juicio contra Rios Montt y Rodríguez Sánchez en Guatemala
14.05.19 Leandra Postay
(Sao Paulo)
"Women who die, men who narrate: patriarchy and violence inS. Bernardo,Lavoura arcaica andEm câmara lenta"
28.05.19 Antonio Camelo
(University of Bochum)
Continuidades y descontinuidades en la Nueva Izquierda de los años 60/70
04.06.19 Paola Ravasio
(Bielefeld Univiersity)
This Train is Bound to Glory
11.06.19 Martha González und Quetzal Flores
(Los Angeles)
Fandango as a Decolonial Tool
18.06.19 José Carlos Lozano
Mexican Journalists'  Stress, Coping & Resilience when covering organized crime and the drug war
25.06.19 Stephen Joyce
Media Convergence: Transformations in News and Entertainment in the 21st century
02.07.19 Victor Manuel Lafuente
(University of Cologne)
Actividad de los servicios secretos alemanes en Argentina en el año 1962
09.07.19 Students InterAmerican Studies Writing Workshop (Double Session, 6- 10 pm)
10.07.19 Markus Krajewski
Abschlusskolloquium der Fakultät


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Sonic Politics: Music and Social Movements in the Americas

The anthology Sonic Politics: Music and Social Movements in the Americas , edited by Olaf Kaltmeier and Wilfried Raussert, will be published in June 2019.

This publication is accompanied by a web page and a YouTube channel with playlists created for the individual chapters, where corresponding songs and artists can be found. These special addition provides the opportunity to listen to the songs at hand, while reading the essays, thus making the topic acoustically more "tangible". This adds a musically refreshing note to the intellectual content of the essays.

Please forward this message if you like the music channel!

With regard to the start into the main phase of the joint project Maria Sibylla Merian Center for Advanced Latin American Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (CALAS) uni.aktuell writes about the background, expectations and goals of the research project. (Full article)