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Welcome to the annotated bibliography documenting the recent debate on federalism and political restructuring of the state in Nepal.

The web base contains reference to sources published in both Nepali and English and each entry provides a short English summary of the original document. Wherever documents are available online, we have endeavoured to provide the link. The majority of references included here were published in Nepal and sources comprise newspaper and journal articles, conference papers, academic books, political pamphlets, as well as party manifestos, all related to the topic of federalism and inclusive democracy. Besides catering to the needs of the politically interested public in Nepal, this annotated bibliography will be of use to scholars and researchers working on of the topic of Nepalese politics worldwide. The database is specifically designed to assist readers in getting a quick overview of major themes and publications within this ongoing debate. Sources can be searched according to individual authors as well as particular topics. The database, therefore, can be used not only to familiarize the reader with a wide range of positions on particular issues, but also to trace the position of specific authors evolving over time. Please note that the web database in its current form is still a beta version.