Pacific Russia: Transnational and Transimperial Perspectives on Modern Northeast Asia From The 18th Century Until The 1930s

International Workshop, 26-27 October 2018

From the seventeenth century onwards, the Russian Empire aspired to control the North Asian and North American Pacific littoral areas and waters. Entangled with the history of the Russian colonial expansion in Asia and America, Pacific Russia evolved geographically – shifting from the extractive colonies in Beringia and Alaska in the early period to settler colonial society in the early twentieth century. Its maritime orientation makes it an unusual exception to the presumed rule of Russia’s continental nature as a historical empire. Russia’s expansion into the Pacific area and its penetration into Northeast Asia during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries significantly contributed to the transformation of the empire as a whole and turned its Eastern parts into dynamically developing regions undergoing imperial rivalries and processes of globalization. Thus our understanding of “Pacific Russia” encompasses both the imperial orientation to the Pacific and specific areas on the one hand and, on the other hand, local dynamics in the Pacific littoral. The workshop takes seriously the fact that Russia’s Asia-Pacific was a transnational and transimperial region of the Russian Empire that was shaped by different peoples and powers. Pacific Russia’s position in global history is marginal or peripheral and central at the same time.

Organizers: Sergey Glebov (Amherst), Frank Grüner (Bielefeld), Andreas Renner (Munich) and Ivan Sablin (Heidelberg) in cooperation with the German Historical Institute (DHI) Moscow and its collaborative research project “Russia’s North Pacific”.

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Neue Publikation

Alexey Tikhomirov, Das „Vertrauen der Partei“ verdienen, rechtfertigen und wiederherstellen: Das sowjetische „Ich“ in Briefen an das Regime im frühen Sowjetrussland, in: Geschichte in Wissenschaft und Unterricht, No. 5/6, 2018, 271-293.

Call for Papers: Tagung „Pacific Russia: Transnational and Transimperial Perspectives on Modern Northeast Asia From The 18th Century Until The 1930s“

20. Juli 2018

Am 26. – 27. Oktober 2018 wird in Kooperation mit Sergey Glebov (Amherst), Frank Grüner (Bielefeld), Andreas Renner (München), Ivan Sablin (Heidelberg) und dem DHI Moskau eine internationale Tagung zu Russlands Pazifik stattfinden. Den Call for Papers finden Sie hier.