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The 17th International Conference on the History of Concepts. Communication Concepts - Conceptualizing Communication

28. August 2014

The 17th International Conference on the History of Concepts, organized by Willibald Steinmetz and Benno Nietzel on behalf of the History of Concepts Group (HCG), brings together scholars from all disciplines interested in conceptual history. It offers a platform for interdisciplinary exchange on the problems and practice in the history of concepts and fosters the international network of conceptual historians. For the first time, the conference is held in Germany and hosted by the University of Bielefeld. More than any other place, this venue is associated with the German tradition of Begriffsgeschichte as represented in the work of Reinhart Koselleck and other scholars. The motto of the 2014 conference “Communicating Concepts - Conceptualizing Communication” refers to the aim of bringing the history of concepts into closer contact with various strands of communication studies.