Research Profile

The research at the Department covers all periods from Ancient to Contemporary. It comprises European and East European History, Ibero-American History, the history of African and Asian countries as well as local and regional histories. The scope of systematic specializations is exceptionally broad, including Economic History and History of Art.

The Bielefeld Department of History is committed to theory-driven research and teaching since its foundation. Profound reflection on theory and methods has then stimulated a strong tradition in social history. Today it encourages a rich interdisciplinary dialogue with both the social sciences and the humanities, thus fostering a broad scope of research interests and topics.

With its strong theoretical orientation, History at Bielefeld University encourages reflection on approaches that transcend the traditional boundaries between disciplines and epochs. This enables the specific historical disciplines to enhance their own profiles while simultaneously paving the way for more complex understandings of the characteristics of epochs, cultures, and transformation processes.

The current research interests and collaborative work at the Department converge in

Intersections in theory and methods:

  • Comparative and Entangled History
  • Practice Theory
  • Historical Semantics and Discourse Analysis
  • Visual History, Material Culture