Paving the way to positive everyday experience for persons with dementia

Project B3 – Promoting competences in the emotional support of people with dementia – An intervention program for caregivers and caregiving relatives (DEMIAN II)


Funding: 2007 – 2010

Principal investigator and research assistants:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kruse, Charlotte Berendonk, Roman Kaspar (Institute of Gerontology at the University of Heidelberg)


The current study aims at the implementation and evaluation of an emotion-focussed training program for caregivers in both institution and non-institution settings of dementia care.

The intervention concept – an approach focussing on emotional resources of persons with dementia – has been developed and empirically evaluated in the preceding DEMIAN I study within the context of long-term care. It was shown that for all participants of the study, regardless of disease severity, individual situations could be identified that were reliably positive in valence and possible to be stimulated in everyday care practice.

The main objective of the current project is to integrate the approach into caregiving practice. A further aim of this part of the research program is to examine the effects of this training program on the caregiving persons.


The project covers two studies, each designed as a randomized controlled trial. A total of 200 nurses and 80 persons with dementia from 20 nursing homes will be acquired for the institutional care research track. For the home care research track, 100 caregiving relatives from 20 support groups of the German Alzheimer Society will be included. Both groups will receive detailed instruction on the process of identification, selection and implementation of positive situations and will be supervised during the 6 week intervention phase. Prior to and after the intervention, participants in the intervention and control groups will be asked to report on the following aspects of their involvement in caregiving:

  • job satisfaction, subjective workload and intrinsic motivation (professional caregivers only)
  • self-perception of efficacy, subjective strain and well-being (caregiving relatives)

In addition, the documentation of the nursing process will be analysed for the participating nursing home residents.


Marion Bär, Dipl.-Gerontol.
Tel.: 06221-548173

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