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Bachelor of Science in Health Communication (BSc)

Course language: German

This Bachelor course leads to a first scientific degree for health professionals. It focuses on health communication. After three years of study students should be able to apply the most important strategies and tools for effective health communication.

The course combines two scientific fields central to health services, namely the modern, interdisciplinary Public Health science and the communication sciences. The increased demand for sound health - and disease-related information among both healthy and sick persons is a central theme of the programme. Health communication entails the exchange of knowledge, opinions and emotions concerning health and disease. During the course, all levels of this exchange process are analysed, from interpersonal communication to communication in organisations and mass communication.

The Programme prepares for the following professional fields:

Health counselling
Case management, direct personal health advice, patient and consumer counselling, tele-nursing, risk communication

Health telematics
Telediagnostics, teleconsultation, teleteaching, tele-emergency medicine, health surveillance systems, online-patient systems

Health reporting and - information technology
Health statistics, health and disease information data banks, expert systems, clinical information systems, medical informatics

Health education
Health education and - promotion, role of television and internet portals, health campaigning, health journalism, patient education

Health marketing and - consulting
Health management, hospital information systems, office management systems, organisation analysis, communication systems in administration

Graduates should be able to find employment in health insurance companies (both private and public), health care companies, patient- and consumer counselling offices, radio and television companies, public health offices at different levels, health data documentation institutions and in other public institutions. Online health-related services and internet platforms emerge as new potential employment opportunities.


Due to the large number of applications for this innovative programme admission is restricted. The application period starts on June 1 st. The deadline is July 15 th each year. Applications are processed through the students´ office of the University. 75 places are available annually, most of which are allocated on the basis of A-level (Abitur) grades.


For further information please consult the information brochure (available only in German) available through the Dean´s office or as a pdf-file under:

German Homepage "Bachelor of Science in Health Communication"