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Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H.)

Course language: German

This programme offers a postgraduate qualification for graduates of MPH programmes. In addition, graduates of other German “diploma” or master degree courses with a duration of at least eight semesters can be admitted if the contents of their programme had a focus on health science aspects.

In the first year, participants learn to analyse the theoretical and methodological basis of Public Health problems related to their dissertation projects.

In the second year, the regular programme sessions put a thematic focus on the content and actual topics of the individual dissertations. Candidates conduct empirical and methodological research.

The third year leads to the completion of the dissertation projects. Accompanying workshops enable the students to finalize the different chapters of their dissertation step by step in close contact with their supervisors and other university staff.

The programme takes three years in total. Teaching sessions are organised as block seminars. The successful completion of the DrPH programme includes the written dissertation and a defense of the work in a final oral disputation.


The admission procedures are supervised by the dissertation commission of the Faculty. Applications have to be submitted by July 15 th every year. A maximum of 25 places is available. In addition to the usual admission formalities, applicants are requested to submit a 15-page exposé for the planned dissertation. Interested candidates are advised to contact a potential supervisor for their project (usually a Faculty professor) well in advance.


International students interested to take the DrPH degree at the Bielefeld School of Public Health should contact a potential supervisor directly.
Exemptions from participating in the German language course blocks need to be discussed on an individual basis. For further information please consult the information brochure (currently only in German) available through the Dean´s office or as a pdf-file under:

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