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Examinations and Credit Points


Course-related examinations

Throughout program studies, written and/or oral examinations are performed (e.g. exams, papers, presentations). These graded tests focus on the content of individual courses or modules of a semester. In these module examinations, the students show that they can use the processed contents and methods in a course or a module in research of their own.


Credit Points

For successful completion of each course and each module of a semester, students receive as many Credit Points (CP) as correspond to the effort of the study hours per semester. These study hours include both time spent in class per semester week (SWS) in addition to the workload needed for preparation and review of each individual course. Credit points are awarded for regular active participation in course activities, including passing examinations.

In total, 120 credits, counted according to the "European Credit Transfer System – ECTS," can be acquired.


Final degree

The title „Master of Science“ (M.Sc.) in Public Health will be awarded.