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Working Group 6: Health Services Research and Nursing Science

Working Group 6 deals with both health services research and nursing research; its work is aimed at optimizing health services and health maintenance in the general population. It is focused on the consequences for health and nursing care which arise from epidemiological and demographic change – particularly the challenges presented by chronic illnesses in various phases of a patient’s life and the increasing deterioration of health and the greater need for care as a patient’s age advances. Our core areas of research include issues such as the organization of health services to meet patient needs, user involvement, case management, the integration and continuity of health services, patient information and counseling, support for self-management, maintaining health despite limitations, fostering resources for vulnerable groups, and preventing social and health inequality.

Many of our projects require an interdisciplinary perspective, so Working Group 6 has an interdisciplinary outlook and is comprised of a team of Nursing Science specialists and Social Science and Education experts.

Affiliated to Working Group 6 is the Institute of Nursing Science at the University of Bielefeld.