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Vortragsreihe in der Biologie startet

Eine von der Gleichstellunskommission der Biologie initierte Seminarreihe "Erforschung der geschlechtsspezifischen Unterschiede im Reich der Biologie" startet in Kürze. Als erste Vortragende wird Frau Prof. Dr. Malin Ah-King (Universität Stockholm) am Dienstag, den 13. Juni 2017 um 15 Uhr c.t. im Raum G2-104 zum Thema "Critical perspectives on Evolutionary Biology: sex, ?sex roles? and mate choice" sprechen. Gerne können alle Interessierten an dieser Veranstaltung teilnehmen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.


Gender-Gastprofessur im SoSe 2017 im CITEC

Weitere Informationen zu Inhalten und Terminen rund um die Gender-Gastprofessur am CITEC finden Sie hier.



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The Equal Opportunities Team

Dr. Uschi Baaken

Dipl. Psychologin
Since Feburary 2001
Equal Opportunities Officer

Veronika Schmidt-Lentzen

Clerk in the Studierendensekretariat [Student Office]
Since October 2004
Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer

Jutta Grau

Member of staff in the Frauenbüro [woman's office] since 1996,
First person to get in touch with for information & appointments

Sara Schlichting

student assistant
Student of Gender Studies

Ann-Christin Kleinert

student assistant
Student of Gender Studies

Sarah Tabea Meier

Assistant public relations


Why equal opportunity?

More than 50% of the students attending our University are women, but the majority of their teachers are still men. In contrast, the office and secretarial staff are almost 100% female; however, their jobs are low paid and offer hardly any prospects of promotion. Current structures and contents in both study programmes and the academic world in general tend to discourage women rather than motivate them to pursue an academic career.

Abolishing all structural discrimination against women is the major, legally specified goal of our University's equal opportunities policy. The equal opportunities officers provide counselling and support in pursuing this cross-sectional task. Equal opportunity measures do not just stop at staff policy. They go further and aim towards introducing the fundamental changes that will enable women to learn and work at Bielefeld University in whatever way they think best. As well as reforming study and work conditions, it is equally important to provide the necessary services to make it easier to combine study and work with raising a family.

The equal opportunities officers are pleased to give advice, to help, and to provide support. They are grateful for any suggestions that will improve the gender equality of working and learning conditions!