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Studying With a Disability

Information for Students With a Disability or Chronic Illness

Article 3 of the German University Act requires institutes of higher education to accommodate the special needs of students with a disability or chronic illness.

Bielefeld University is committed to providing a supportive environment that grant students with a disability or chronic illness the highest level of personal independence in their studies. In recent years, it has introduced numerous measures to further this mission (member of the Rektorat responsible for students with special needs, barrier-free construction, study fee privileges, leave of absence options, and compensation for disadvantages in examinations).

H1 - Studying With a Handicap - Barrier-Free Until Your Degree


Useful Link

Finding and registering wheelchair-accessible locations:
-> wheelmap.org

More than 50,000 registered locations with hundreds more every day.


Handbook Studying with a Handicap

Information for students with special needs (in German)